Especially for industrial companies, machine and plant constructors:

How you can ensure the functional reliability of IIoT-environment and ensure resilience against cyber attacks.

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No Safety without Security
Learn what digitalization and networking mean for the safety and security of your plants and machines.
Standards and legal requirements
Find out what the regulations are for manufacturers and operators and what they mean.
Possible solutions
Digital opportunities offer profitable added value. Find out how to achieve this in an attack-proof manner here.

NewTec is a security expert in identifying, assessing and protecting against potential threats in Industry 4.0 environments.

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The following topics await you:

  • Which cybersecurity and embedded security requirements?
  • What is the legal background?
  • What aspects arise from the liability perspective?
  • Which obligations for manufacturers, integrators and operators result from the relevant norms and standards?
  • What does the security standard IEC 62443 require?
  • Are there standards that facilitate the concrete implementation of the security requirements?

No safety without security: there is no way around in digital, networked production.

In our white paper, we show you that safety in digital, networked production environments is not possible without information security (cybersecurity, embedded security). Conversely, functional safety, occupational safety and environmental safety requirements directly influence information security measures and form fundamental criteria for them. 

The need for measures to establish or maintain information security is not limited to the design or development process, but extends throughout the entire development process.

So far, clear legal regulations of responsibilities and liability are missing. However, manufacturers, integrators and operators can use various norms and standards as a guide when implementing safety/security requirements.  

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